Healthcare Services

Automating Your Practice With Dynamic Backoffice Support
Consulting Services

We help empower clinicians to move ahead of the curve with comprehensive tools and dedicated services.

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Workflow Analysis

The workflow analysis will help you identify and isolate under-performing areas and operational silos so you can increase productivity, maximize revenue and also ensure patient safety.

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Medical Billing Practice Management

The medical billing offered by us manages your billing arrangements such that it accelerates your revenue.

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Document Management Services

We offer document management services to digitize all your patient records into comprehensive electronic medical records.

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Medical Transcription Services

We aim at providing relief to medical practitioners by handling all practice matters other than direct patient checking. Free trials of these services are also offered by us along with faxing and printing tasks.

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ChartScribe Service

We offer a convenient digital transcription service called ChartScribe, to help physicians generate accurate and timely patient charts so they can better manage their time.

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RxMemento - Patient Reminder System

WMO has introduced RxMemento, a patient reminder system that allows doctors to add the patient information along with the patient’s reminder preference.

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FrontDesk - Patient Registration Portal

WMO has launched FrontDesk, a complete web-based Patient Registration Portal that allows the user to add the patients complete medical and personal information in one panel.

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Revenue Cycle Management

We offer a complete healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Solution that empowers healthcare providers and hospitals growth strategy.

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