24/7 Back Office Services

Telephone Answering Service

Our team of professional call agents are available for you and your callers 24/7/365. Our U.S based team of professional call agents provide non-accented English service and Bilingual services for your customers 24/7/365, days and nights, even on weekends and holidays.

Call Recording Services

We can provide a toll-free number, no matter what your business or where you are physically located. A toll-free number or “800-Service” is a key part of your overall customer service strategy, that tells your callers that not only are you open for business, but that you truly care about them and their call.

Local Phone Numbers

We can provide you with a local phone number, wherever you do business. No matter what profession or business you are in, or where you do business, Local Phone Numbers give you a competitive edge as they build trust and give your company a “good neighbor” image.

Auto Attendant Service

Our call routing tool allows you to receive calls or messages and provide information to callers 24/7/365. Auto attendant (automated telephone answering service system), collects information about the purpose of a call and then routes calls to the correct number or extension. Our call routing tool allows you to receive calls or messages and provide information to your callers 24/7/365.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

We make sure when a disaster strikes, your important calls always get answered without any delay by professionals at Telecalling. Disasters could strike at any time, as they are sudden, unpredictable and, at times, devastating to cities, businesses and individuals.

Virtual Office Services

Telecalling has the perfect Virtual Office solution for you in order to save money, expand your reach and while you grow your business. Telecalling is an industry leader in seamless Virtual Office services. Whether you are based from a home office or have a multi-office set up, we are the option that gives puts the “virtual” in virtual office and virtual assistant.

Message Relay

Message Relay is another Telecalling service option that helps make sure you don’t miss another call or message. Message Relay allows you to receive even routine messages as quickly as possible, in your preferred ways.

Virtual Answering Service

Telelcalling services all 50 states and many countries internationally. Telecalling is a nationwide live call answering service, which works to connect the globe at the efficiency and speed that your company deserves.

eCommerce Fulfillment Services

At Telecalling, we offer a complete range of eCommerce fulfillment services to meet our clients needs, whether in eCommerce, logistics, supply chain management, call center services or many others.

Voicemail Services With our Voicemail Service, you can give your callers the opportunity to leave you a message 24/7/365 Our Voicemail service allows you to be as mobile and flexible as you need to be on your end, while also giving your callers the opportunity to leave you a message 24/7/365.
What benefits you will get with our Voicemail Services:

  • User pass code of 4-6 digits, to keep all of your messages private
  • Caller ID with time and date
  • Record your own greeting
  • Get your voicemail number listed in print and online directories
  • Play back your voicemail messages from any smartphone
  • Rewind, fast-forward or replay messages
  • Store and save 100 of messages
Personalized Greetings We create and integrate personalized greeting in your company name, thanking the caller for calling. The way your callers are greeted on the phone can make all of the difference for your business. With Telecalling’s personalized greeting that is both professional and warm, you can build better relationships with your clients and customers when they call to do business.
Benefits of our personalized greetings service:

  • Your phone calls are answered on the first ring every time.
  • Your unique message along with your company name is spoken precisely every time.
  • You are able to create a professional and memorable connection between your callers and your company.
Appointment Scheduling We offer you an appointment scheduling option that is extremely user-friendly, efficient, and customizable for your business. With Telecalling’s, appointment scheduling option, you can go back to focusing on other areas of work, knowing that this part of your business is taken care by a well-managed and fully-backed-up service.
Benefits of our Appointment Scheduling service:

  • Easy to use and access by any team members on our end or yours
  • Able to manage multiple schedules
  • Easily book, cancel and reschedule appointments
  • Automatically send out confirmations, changes and booking information via text and/or email
  • Mobile-friendly, so you can access all tools and capabilities at a desktop or while on the go
  • Easily syncs directly with popular calendar options e.g., Google Calendar
  • All appointments are offered and made based on your actual availability
  • Full 24/7/365 access to all appointment information and options
  • All information is secure and private
Follow Me Services With our Follow Me services, you can make sure that your callers can easily find you and your team members. There are two components of Follow Me, also referred to as “Find Me Follow Me:

  • Find You - Directs the system to send the caller to wherever you are; at the office, home or on the road.
  • Follows You – Directs the system to all the possible ways you could be reached at that moment; your business line, cell phone, or home phone.
We combine these two types of call forwarding in order to get callers to their intended recipient.
Bilingual Answering Services

We provide you with an off-site, bilingual full-time person to answer your phones and properly serve your Spanish and English-speaking callers. With our Bilingual Telephone Answering Services, you can send a message to your non-English-speaking clients, customers or callers, that you care enough to make them feel comfortable. Our Bilingual Answering Services are fully customized to meet your needs, budget and exact specifications. Benefits of our Bilingual Answering service:

  • Highly cost-efficient
  • Allow you to focus on your business, not on your phones
  • Improve your image and credibility among Spanish language speakers and shows that you are committed to serving them well.
Overflow calls

We make sure your overflow calls always get answered without any delay by our team of professional phone agent at Telecalling. By trusting Telecalling to handle your overflow phone traffic, we assure your callers are served seamlessly, efficiently and professionally. Our highly trained professional phone agents can provide a number of services:

  • Responding to sales calls
  • Assisting your customers
  • Monitoring complaints
  • Receiving and relaying messages
  • Transferring calls
  • Providing basic information such as pricing, hours and location
Live Operators

We provide you with a Live Operator who’s a professional and available 24/7, when your callers have an urgent problem or emergency. Isn’t it good to know, when your callers have an urgent problem or emergency, that there’s a real person on the other end of the phone, who can sympathize, ask questions, share information and relay messages. Best of all, that person is an answering service professional who’s available 24/7. Benefits of our Live Operator Answering Service:

  • Extending “office hours” to 24/7
  • Never missing a call
  • Prompt, high quality service to customers and callers
  • Emergency experience and availability
  • Budget-friendly and cost-efficient
IVR - Interactive Voice Response Services

We provide IVR services to our clients and they love it because it is both affordable and powerful and saves their callers a lot of time The IVR (an automated calling system), that let’s you interacts with your callers through the use of voice or keyed-in responses.

Fax to Email Service

We offer a Fax to Email service to our clients because it’s easy, quick, and affordable, all you need is an email access to receive all your faxes. Your faxes will be sent to you no matter where you are. You can check for incoming faxes from anywhere you can access your email; from your home, mobile device, desk or computer.

Call Center Services

We make sure our clients and their callers call center needs are fulfilled efficiently and professionally. Telecalling offers a variety of call center and related services:

  • Customer Care
  • Order Management
  • Sales/Cross-selling/Upselling
  • Technical Support
  • Email Services
  • Chat Support
  • Social Media Support + Monitoring
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
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